Sage Laser Tattoo Removal

The appointment process

How we get it done.

step 1


A consultation will be conducted to assess the following:

  • Size of your tattoo (sq. inches).
  • Your health (this will effect the outcome of your session).
  • Ink type/depth/age/application technique (used to determine difficulty/duration for complete removal).
  • Cost of each tattoo removal treatment.
  • We may conduct a “TEST SPOT” prior to your treatment to gauge your bodies response to the treatment.
  • We will explain the treatment in depth and will answer any questions you might have related to the laser tattoo removal process. It is important to disclose on the Medical Questionnaire all medications you are currently taking as some medications can cause adverse reactions.

At the end of the consultation, we will discuss the first treatment. In many cases, there will be enough time at the end of the consultation to move directly into the first treatment.

Step 2


To get the most success from your laser treatment:

  • Keep treated area out of the sun for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • No products containing aspirin hours prior to treatment.
  • No AHA’s or other topical acid products on skin.
  • You notify us of any medical changes.
  • We will photograph the tattoo which will be stored with your file.
  • Tattoo Removal Treatment begins!!!!

Step 3


All of your post-treatment instructions will be provided at the conclusion of your session and we can schedule the next appointment.


Treatments can be scheduled no sooner than 6 weeks apart. If you have a “fresh” tan, we will send you away due to possible hypo-pigmentation complications.

KEEP IT COVERED if in the sun!

A digital photo will be taken at each appointment to track the removal process.