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Laser tattoo removal works on the principal of targeting tattoo ink particles which are too large to be absorbed by the body.  Each laser treatment shatters those larger ink particles, and allows them to be absorbed and expelled from the body.  The selected wavelength targets the appropriate ink color and over time the tattoo begins to fade. Our laser technology does not harm the upper epidermal layer of skin, which means once the ink is removed, your skin will be clear and undamaged. Are you ready for clear skin again, or just faded enough for a cover-up design?

At Sage Laser Tattoo Removal, we use only the most highly advanced laser technology. We have combined our ‘workhorse’ laser with internationally recognized training to bring you the best results possible.

Deciding to removal a tattoo takes thought and consideration. By booking your free consultation, we will take the time to discuss all of your options and design a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and budget!




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Our technician performing a laser tattoo removal treatment on a client using our RevLite laser. With multiple wavelengths we are able to safely treat most ink colors.

Our technician performing a laser tattoo removal treatment on a client using our RevLite laser. With multiple wavelengths we are able to safely treat most ink colors.

We aren’t just tattoo removal


The most effective solution for removing or fading unwanted tattoos. Using Cynosure’s state of the art Revlite Si technology, we combine our laser with our cryo-chiller to keep you cool and comfortable during your treatments.

Our powerful Revlite laser works to kill the acne bacteria. Skin is gently resurfaced to allow new healthy skin cells to grow. Acne scarring and discolouration can be reduced with treaments. A gentle skincare regime is encouraged with our line of Riversol Skin Care for Sensitive skin.

Complimentary radiation tattoo removal treatments. If you’ve decided to removed these small black or blue markers, we can effectively treat in only a few sessions. Doctor consent required.

Famously known within LA and NYC’s elite as the “Hollywood peel”. This non-invasive treatment is highly effective providing an immediate glow and improvement in skin tone and texture. Skin is detoxed and given a gentle yet effective resurfacing. Clears blackheads and removes dead skin cell to reveal a new radiance. Safe and effective on all skin types.

Improve skin tone & texture. Minimize enlarged pores. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles though college stimulation. These painless, zero down-time procedures can reduce many signs of aging and sun damage.

Aging and sun exposure can create uneven skin tone and undesirable sun spots. These appear most commonly on the face, chest and hands.


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